Bhutan 🇧🇹

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Bhutan is called the last Shangri La , a fictional land of magical beauty. There are several reasons to visit Bhutan if you are into exploring new places.

1)Mountains and valleys are out of a postcard or a painter’s canvas.

2)Perfect for stress relief and to calm down your inner self .

3)Gain weight in a couple of days with fresh food and air.

4)Lose weight by taking small hikes or by taking a 3.5hour trek to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery.

5)Take drives from Paro to other places like Punakha and Thimpu at a reasonable cost and by witnessing the beauty of nature on the way.

6)Paro is the only airport town in Bhutan which is itself very small,clean and well maintained.

7)Perfect for solo travelers like me and 100% safe.

8)Hotels are affordable and even the resort I stayed called Rema Resort was amazing but I didn’t stay there more than a day because I wanted to stay in the downtown area as well.

9)I booked a taxi for my three day trip and paid around 3000rupees which got my visit to the whole town,museum,Paro Dzong and also a round trip to the base of the Tiger’s Nest (Taktsang) for trekking.

10)You can take the trek alone, there will be many people walking with you so don’t think of waiting for the right time to come when you’ll have someone to accompany you. Don’t bother to pay for guides because the trails are clear to take.(Carry trekking essentials like water,stick,towel,snacks,candies and determination to finish it).

Important points:

*Do not take the trek to Tiger’s Nest if you have kids;

high altitudes can cause nausea and suffering for them and it’s a long steep walking .

*Do not expect too much from nature because its beauty itself is too much.

*Not good for party lovers.

*Carry good cameras

*Trainer shoes are must .

*Make a travel plan for 5 days to cover Paro,Thimpu and Punakha.

2 thoughts on “Bhutan 🇧🇹

  1. Allow me to share these photos of Bhutan from my photography website:

    There are only two countries in the world whose citizens do not need to pay the $250/day charge: Bangladesh and India. I personally like to call Bhutan the Switzerland of South Asia. Humility of their Royals to comparable to the Dutch; people are exceptionally friendly especially towards guests from Bangladesh. I did lots of trekking and hiking in both Thimphu and Paro .. including the 1000m climb to Tiger’s Nest. Highly recommended destination for anyone with a free spirit, able body and an open mind.


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