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Nepal is the country which I would call the land of mysteries.My biggest dream is to go for the Everest base camp trek and encounter Yeti. The nature, the colours and the tourist crowd makes it an ideal place for adventure lovers.I thought of giving a go to bungee jumping but my heart wasn’t ready to act brave.

Nepal is different each time you travel as my friends told me.Ive been there once and had a pretty long trip as a first timer visiting Kathmandu,Pokhara and Chitwan.

I went there in 2014 when I was just learning about exploring.First I took a flight from Dhaka to Kathmandu and had my hotel booked in Thamel area online.There are many hotels (prices start from 2000NRupees).

After keeping my bags and freshening up I went to a local tour operator (there are many) and booked for a 6day travel plan to Pokhara and Chitwan (by bus), that time I paid around 9000NPRs in total which included hotels with complimentary breakfast,guide and transportation.

Before leaving Kathmandu for other places I discovered Durbar Square and walked around Thamel to enjoy drinks at Rum Doodle bar(great momos and cocktails) and Purple Haze( amazing live music).

Then my first day to Pokhara which includes a 6hour long bus ride along with river rafting in Trisuli river in the middle of my journey.(Do not miss Trisuli rafting)

When I reached the hotel in Pokhara my body was half dead.I ate from the hotel restaurant and slept as I had to wake at 3am the next morning for my drive to get the sunrise view of Annapurna Range and Fishtail from Sarankot sunrise view point.Took 30mins to reach the base and then hiked up to the restaurant viewpoint at the top.The Sky was pretty clear and I was mesmerised by the beauty of the Himalayas. I never saw anything like that before and until now.Its a must for nature lovers and photographers. I still remember of taking only few photos and kept on staring at the mountains more.

I would say my perspective about life took a new turn that day.Then I returned back to the hotel and went out for a walk around Pokhara town after a short nap.Its a beautiful town; I bought few bags and shoes made of hemp from a local shop. I also took a boat ride of 40mins in the Phewa lake, that’s also a picturesque experience.

In those travel days I mostly had food from the hotel restaurant except for drinks , the town has really nice music bars and cafes.

The next day I left for Chitwan. I stayed in the Jungle wildlife resort in Chitwan Nature Reserve.My travel package had all meals covered because there was no restaurant around to buy food.(Food was great).I took elephant safari where I viewed Rhinos and Boars in the jungle.They said that tigers are seen sometimes but I wasn’t lucky enough for that.The next day I went for canoeing in the jungle river where I saw crocodiles basking in the sun; I went to the elephant breeding centre on the same day and watched Tharu Culture Show at night which was entertaining. (All these things were included in the tour package I got from Thamel except the food and shopping ).

Then I returned to Kathmandu and watched a hindi movie in their local cinema which was great.

This was my first Nepal experience.I might have missed few details but not all things can be expressed in words as they are felt, like the local bus ride in the mountain roads after Rafting, boatman of Phewa lake posing for pictures and enjoying ramen viewing the Himalayas.

I hope to visit Nepal again and I also hope to take the poon hill trek,encounter snow leopards,calmness of Lukla ,the mighty Mt.Everest and hopefully a Yeti.

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