3 days in Siem Reap ,Cambodia 🇰🇭

Cambodia was there in the back of my mind for quite some time.I finally made this trip in my birthday week last month visiting two cities in Cambodia which are Siem Reap & Sihanoukville.

I’ll first write my experience on Siem Reap.

It’s a small city full of tourists because this is the door to visit the famous Angkor Wat Archaelogical park covering 402 acres of land which is a massive temple complex and the largest religious site in the world built by a Khmer King around the early 12th century.

I stayed in Siem Reap for 3 days.

My first day was about knowing the place,relaxing and warming up for the second day to visit Angkor Wat.

1. Whichever hotel you stay,they must have tuktuk service to help you visit Angkor Wat charging 20 usd excluding the ticket price (single day $37 as of today 2019). Your tuktuk driver will take you to the ticket counter as well)

2. Tickets are sold as day passes; there are many temples around Angkor Wat so it’s advisable to choose the ticket option based on how many days you prefer to spend in discovering those spots.I bought a single day pass because I had one day planned for it.

3. It takes 7-8 hours of walking to see Angkor Wat completely. Comfortable shoes,Umbrella,Water and light energy bars made my walks less hectic.

4. Wear clothes which cover your chest,shoulders and knee.It is a religious site and this is highly appreciated if you abide by their customs .

5. A great place for photography if you can gather enough stamina.

My third day in Siem Reap was about eating and exploring the backpacker’s favourite “Pub Street”.It has the finest pubs serving delicious food including extreme foods like Crocodile meat.

Pub street has many lanes decorated with lights which look none the less of a big fat fun district for grownups. Live music , drinks, souvenir shops and youthful crowd are the highlights.

Some decent places to eat would be Banana Leaf (also serves Khmer cuisine) & Red Piano (European) .

They have their local draft beer called Angkor which was worth trying.

The hotel I stayed in Siem Reap named Grand Sunset Angkor Hotel,is situated in the French quarter at a 5 min distance from Pub Street.

The next day I left Siem Reap for Sihanoukville with my husband. I’ll write about Sihanoukville in my coming post.

*Cambodia is not suitable for female solo travelers yet, surely it’s a fun place for group trips.

*USD works everywhere , no need to exchange money.

*Tuktuks are the best mode of transportation.

*I booked my hotel through booking.com and got a good deal with airport transfer at no extra cost.

*Our hotel had its own restaurant named Latinos where they served yummy South American food.

*If you own a Bangladeshi passport or any south Asian passport, do keep your e-visa printed along with your hotel bookings and air tickets.The immigration officers will keep all record and most likely will take a short interview before letting you enter the country. Nothing to be scared of because it’s a 5-10 minute procedure.

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