5 days in Bali

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Bali is an amazing getaway for nature lovers and definitely ocean lovers in particular.My trip last year to Bali was with my sister and we both made memories which we can live for years. The trip was for 5 days and I’ll include important tips below.

First of all Bali has a tropical climate,and a little bit of preparation can help a lot.

1)Book your accommodation and airport transfer through the hotel you’re planning to stay.I stayed in the Kuta area, it’s a hub for travelers.I booked my hotel through booking.com .I stayed in the Ohana hotel ,which was clean and very close to the kuta beach with a walking distance of 7-10mins.

2)Summer clothes ,comfortable flip flops,umbrellas and staying hydrated is very important in Bali.

3)Food is really good and don’t miss their fried ducks and the local beer named bintang .

4)They have registered taxis named blue bird taxis which you can use to reach Seminyak beach and other places around Kuta.

5)It’s better if you hire a car from the hotel .It comes cheaper and safe as well.Every hotel has their own travel packages to offer.

6)Keep necessary medicines in cases of stomach issues,headaches etc.

Places I visited as a first timer:

1)Kuta beach, Kuta street markets,Hard rock cafe kuta,food shops and Art market.

2)Seminyak beach:

•La plancha aka Bean bag beach for afternoon drinks,music and enjoying the sunset.


•Rice terraces

•Art galleries

•Mt.Batur Volcano including

lunch at a local hilltop restaurant there.

• Tirta Empul Holy water temple for spiritual satisfaction.

4)Rock Bar at Ayana Resort for evening cocktails by the Indian Ocean .

5)Jimbaran Beach aka the golden beach for late afternoon snacks followed by sunset dinner trying their delicious seafood.

My trip budget was around $700 for 5days for both of us excluding the plane fare.

Bali has several other places to explore but my first trip couldn’t cover all those at one go.

Especially Gili , Nusa Penida , Nusa Dua , Lombok are other attractions which I plan to cover next. Hope my tips turn out helpful and feel free to ask questions.

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