Sajek Valley, Bangladesh

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Sajek Valley-The Queen of hills.

It is the roof of Rangamati, Chittagong Hill tracts in Bangladesh.One can reach there from Khagrachori district as well.It lies between Bangladesh and India’s Mizoram .

Sajek Valley does not have modern tourist facilities but tourists mostly enjoy the nature and culture of the place. Though the valley is in Rangamati but tourists prefer the route from Kagrachari to Sajek valley through Dighinala Bazaar, Bagaihat Bazaar and Machalong Haat. Major transport is Chander Gari which is like a four-wheel jeep.

To reach there from Dhaka the most convenient option is to take a flight to Chittagong stay there 1 day and then hire a car taking help from the hotel to Khagrachori early in the morning .It is easier to take Chander Gari/jeep (costs 5000bdt onwards and can carry 6-7 people) from Khagrachori town ,which are good for the bumpy roads.

Direct buses also operate from Dhaka, Kalabagan bus stop to Khagrachori town.

A 12hour journey from Dhaka and around 6 hours from Chittagong by road.

There are two popular resorts named Sajek resort and Runmoy Resort.I stayed in Runmoy resort and I would rate it the highest for providing me the maximum comfort they could.

As it’s a hilly area, electricity isn’t always there.Make sure to carry power banks, mosquito repellent and an adventurous mind to enjoy max.

Food is very basic and you have to order atleast 3 hours before lunch or dinner to get freshly cooked food.However snacks are available all the time.

Beautiful mountains, floating clouds and green all around, a wonderful place in Bangladesh to enjoy the ocean of clouds.

Best time to visit is from May-July during monsoon.

Sajek Valley,Bangladesh

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