Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

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Cox’s Bazar is a city, fishing port, tourism centre and district headquarters in Bangladesh. The beach in Cox’s Bazar is sandy and has a gentle slope;it is the longest natural sea beach in the world.Cox’s Bazar is also known by the name Panowa, which Translates literally as “yellow flower.”

Cox’s Bazar has its own international airport offering flights to Dhaka;the capital of Bangladesh,Chittagong which is the port city and also to few other international destinations.From Dhaka and Chittagong one can take coach services to Cox’s Bazar as well .

As it’s the most popular tourist spot in Bangladesh, there are several resorts and hotels to stay in. My favourites have been Mermaid Beach resort and Eco resort of the same name, Ocean Paradise hotel and Sayeman beach resort.

For backpackers there are plenty of options, prices from 1500bdt onwards.

The seafood is worth trying;fresh crab fry and Loitta fish fry are amazing . If you’re interested in trying bengali food then Handi and Panshi are good restaurants to go to.If you’re not interested in hiring a car, there are auto-rickshaws to take you anywhere at a reasonable cost but safety isn’t guaranteed in that regard for foreigners,solo travelers and first timers.

There are three major beach areas named as Kolatoli beach, Laboni point and Sugondha point. However if you stay at Mermaid beach resort, you get to enjoy the sea and the sun in their private beach which is safe and convenient for foreign travelers . All the five star hotels and resorts provide car rental services to other places in the city. People are helpful and very cooperative to help you get your desired experience.

From Cox’s bazar there are other places to visit within 1-2 hours distance ; Maheshkhali Island, Sonadia Island, Himchori , Inani beach and to take the beautiful marine drive . The following links are provided for further research and to book for your amazing experience in the warmth of the Bay of Bengal. Best time to visit is October-February.

I would personally recommend travelers to stay out of the town if they are looking for pure natural beauty and less people.

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Bay view from Kolatoli beach
Soaking in the sun ☀

Mermaid beach resort
Sky at dusk

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  1. My favourite mini travel blog. Your passion about it makes me want to write too. I would love more photos in your future posts. Like 20 at least on each posts. Recently you posted about visting Chandranath pahar. Any update on that ?


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